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Headshot Preparations




I’m located at 85 Clarkson Ave, Apt 2H, between Bedford and Flatbush. Take the Q to Parkside Ave, or the 2/5 to Winthrop Street, and I'm only a couple of blocks from either direction!




The night before the shoot, I would advise getting as much restful sleep as possible. Don’t worry if you don’t – it’s more for your benefit than mine!

If you have any sudden breakouts, don’t freak out about them, either. Most pimples are ridiculously easy to take care of in Photoshop, and should not cause you any anxiety.

Put together a playlist for today, or keep in mind some bands/musical acts that you love. I’ve got Google Play, and it creates fantastic mixes.

Make sure to Google Map your location to mine. I adore punctuality – and, our time together is your time. However, if you do show up late, you’re showing up late on your time. If something crazy happens, we can make arrangements – if I don’t have a client after you, we can keep going for a little while over time, or even meet up at another time if we do. But, save us all the worry: be on time!

Bring along a toothbrush and toothpaste, lip balm, and basic hair care products – a brush can go a LONG way. For that matter, so can hairspray.

And, prepare yourself for what will probably be the most relaxing part of your day. Don’t worry – we’ve got this.





In terms of what to wear, I’ll say what you shouldn’t bring along: anything that distracts from your face.

That means no busy patterns, no interesting avant-garde pieces, and an absolute minimum of “props”. Unless you wear them regularly (or your agent asks for it, specifically), no hipster glasses, no wacky bow-ties, no hats, nothing crazy.

Wear clothing that’s flattering to your form, but no plunging necklines (for either men or women).

All colors are on the table, as long as they’re flattering to your skin, and help your eyes and hair pop.

And, as a safety, always bring a black t-shirt with you. Always. And, I won’t complain if you bring along a white button-down shirt, either.



What Happens After?

Well, for one thing, high-fives. Enthusiastic ones.

Then, within 48 hours, you get your unedited contact proofs gallery through my site. It’ll be spiffy and shiny, and the photos themselves will be downloadable. If you decide to post them on social media (like, create the Facebook Album of “HELP ME DECIDE ON MY AWESOME NEW HEADSHOTS, YOU GUYS!” that all of your other actor friends make), just do me a solid and post that they’re unedited and tag my Facebook page.

Once you, your friends, your agent and your mom have weighed in and you’ve made your selections, let me know! Through that same gallery link, you can favorite your shots and share them with me. Just shoot me an email to confirm this has been done on my end.

Then, within about two weeks’ time, you’ll receive an e-mail from me with your brand new edits. The files will come in two sizes: one size will be a HUGE one, perfect for printing. The second size will be a more manageable size for social media postings (Backstage, Actor’s Access, etc) as well as great for adding to your website.

After that, you start using them and booking MORE WORK.