Let’s talk about HEADSHOTS.

A headshot is a representation of what an actor will look like when they're called in for an audition.

A headshot is a preview of an actor’s “look” and the types of roles they could play.

A headshot is a tool for an actor to get in front of a casting director so they can audition their heart out for the chance to be cast in a production that could very well change their life.





Let’s talk about what they’re not, though:

A headshot isn’t a magic bullet.

A headshot isn’t a replacement for talent, skill and perseverance.

A headshot isn’t getting you any roles.

That's all on you, cousin. You're the one who brings all of that to the table.

And, that's what I'm here to help create for you!

As a headshot photographer, my primary goal is to help equip you with the tools you need to get that audition, to represent your brand, and to make you look like you - on your best day.

I have a fully equipped Brooklyn studio that's a five minute walk away from Prospect Park and I'm mobile - I can come to YOU. I keep up with the latest trends in headshot photography, but I care more about a classic, great shot than something that that can immediately date the headshot in the eyes of a casting director (please, please, please - no more brick walls, guys!).



Here's the deal - I'm going to tell you why you DON'T want to work with me:

If you don't want to work with a high energy, fun-loving and tireless professional, look somewhere else.

If you don't want to work with someone who spends countless hours learning how to capture the best and most effective positions, expressions and personalities of his clients, no worries - there are other shooters out there for you.

If you don't want to work with someone that can make your agent happy, and the casting directors bring you in for those dream roles - WHY ARE YOU EVEN IN THIS BUSINESS?!

But, if you want to have a fantastic experience, with clear and knowledgeable direction, with an industry professional who truly believes in your dream of being an actor - and believes it's about having the right TOOLS and POSITIONING as much as it is about craft - then...

What're you waiting for?


Let's get you the shots that'll get you WORK.