I've had the absolute pleasure of working with wonderful actors, dancers, models and just people who came to me wanting help looking their absolute best on camera. They were very kind to share some words of their experiences with me!


"Working with Theik was a lot of fun. Theik made me feel relaxed, was superb at lighting and was great at getting the killer shot."

- James Lee Taylor, Actor, Model (IMG)


"As a former professional model and as a current freelance model I have shot with many photographers over many years. But out of the many that I have had the pleasure of shooting with, Theik stands out in particular. His welcoming energy, constant enthusiasm, and positivity immediately makes you feel comfortable being vulnerable. He meets you wherever you are that day with absolute respect and that is an exception in this world of notorious photographers. On top of that, I know that every time I shoot with Theik we will create magic. His command of his own tools never ceases to amaze me - he can transform the light and space to create totally different tones in the same environment. He is a master. Theik Smith is a joy to work with and a gem in the general universe. Work with him if you have the chance - you won’t regret it."

- Umi Akiyoshi, Model, Dancer


"I don't know how he does it, but Theik creates a comfortable environment the minute you walk in the door. It's like you're old friends, and in turn, you can relax and take good photos together--because that's how is process is: he makes it feel collaborative and low-pressure so that you forget you're the subject and you can be yourself."

- Natalie Walters, Dancer



"Theik is one of the most talented photographers I've met in NYC. He is a very kind and approachable person, and the results of the photoshoots are baffling. He amazes me after every single shoot I've done with him."

- Erke Roosen, Dancer


"Theik Smith brings a creative and passionate soul and sharp eye to the images he takes of all his subjects, whatever their need: professional head shot, artistic portrait; and has the all important skill of actually knowing intimately who he is shooting and representing that in the finished image. He's constantly growing as a photographer, sociable and comforting; building ease, trust, and confidence in those that pose for him to get the best image possible."

- David Spaltro, Director


"Hey everyone. I wanted to take a second to express how much fun it was working with Theik Smith. I wanted to do something different and Michael Cinquino referred me to him. Theik didn't just shoot, he took the time to work with me to create moments; the images as a result were inspiring and timeless and beautiful."

- Serge Thony, Actor, Model, Hip-Hop Artist


"I had a photoshoot with Theik Smith at his apartment/studio in Brooklyn. He was very nice, welcoming, patient and professional! I greatly recommend his services. "

- Jennifer Chicheportiche, Dancer


"I worked with Theik on headshots and dance photos and was incredibly pleased with the experience and the final results. He is not only very professional but also has a wonderful warm and creative energy that will bring out the best of any subject!"

- Lindsey L. Miller, Dancer


"I haven't met anyone so dedicated to capturing a human face and body both truthfully and beautifully. Theik is an artist of light and an impeccable professional at what he does. You will meet him as a collaborator,but you'll part as friends, guaranteed."

- Tatyana Kot, Actor, Model


"I've worked with dozens of photographers, and Theik stands out. It's rare to find someone who simultaneously brings productive ideas of his own while being so open minded and ready to collaborate. I've come to completely trust his constructive feedback on set, because I know that he's listening and is working with and for me to achieve the best possible result."

- Sarah B. Hartshorne, Model (MSA Models), Actor, Comedian


"Describing Theik.... this is a biased opinion, be warned. Because over the past couple of years, I have gotten to know him as an extraordinary human being. He sees the world through a beautiful lense and somehow brings that surety into each picture he takes. Every shoot I have done with him has been unique, has shown me something different about myself. He is selfless in his work and when you are in front of his camera, you are truly the most important thing. That is a rare quality. (In other words, you'd be silly not to work with the man.)"

Shannon Lower - Actor,
Dancer, Director


"Theik is truly an outstanding photographer and person! He captures the most stunning moments and works hard until we are both satisfied with the photo. He is efficient, professional, and truly inspirational. Theik will find the best, most flattering angles. I highly recommend working with Theik for the experience and of course the photos! Cannot thank him enough!"


- Selina Hack, Dancer


"Theik is always such an amazing photographer to work with! Whether you need headshots, additions to your portfolio(modeling, dance, fitness), or are just starting out, Theik can definitely help you achieve your needs. I left with some of the most amazing shots to add to my portfolio! He really caters to the goals of the person he is shooting, and works to achieve a shoot unique to that person. He is such an easygoing spirit making it very ease to work with! His creative eye, extreme professionalism and knowledge allow for a truly successful experience!"

- Emily Paige Anderson, Model, Dancer, Actor


"Theik is such a pleasure to work with. Always on time, ready to start when you arrive, but never rushed. He is extremely professional (important when nudity is involved) and ALWAYS asks 'what's the most important thing for you to get today'. He makes sure he gets the shot, by showing you what your getting all through out the shoot. And on top of all this, Theik is a charming and easy to talk guy. I can't recommend working with him enough! Headshots, dance, fitness, portfolio,hHe does it all and does it well."


- Cassandra Orefice, Dancer, Owner of Salient Fitness


"Working with Theik is always a wonderful experience; he makes the awkward aspect of posing melt away and captures that fateful moment when your soul is before the camera. Also, he plays [the] Halo soundtrack, so that's a plus."

- Grace Morales, Actor


"My experience working with Theik is always a positive one that exceeds my expectations. Not only does he have a strong and solid vision and a keen eye for detail and raw beauty but he is also by far the hardest working creative I have worked with. I always look forward to what he will bring next and have a great appreciation for him reaching out to help other artists on their own journey."

- Kadia Saraf, Actor


"I have worked in the Industry as a model for ten years now, and have met all manner of photographer. Theik is a rarity. From the very moment you enter the studio, his demeanor puts you at ease. He is thorough, efficient, and obsessed with collecting precisely what his client wants. Most of all-he really, truly cares. I want him to shoot my wedding, my engagement party, stills for my new business, portraits of my family and children. he has a great eye for capturing what you never thought was possible."

- Lizbeth Sawyers, Actor and Model


"Theik Smith was an absolute pleasure to work with, I would definitely recommend him to any and all people in search of a great photog who has an amazing eye and pays close attention to his beautiful subjects. He is very patient and kind which in this industry will win you many fans for life!!"

-Francine S., Singer, Musician (@cinasmash)


"Theik Smith has the perfect blend of professionalism and creative freedom that I've ever encountered. Not only does he give you beautiful, truthful images, but you have so much fun being YOU doing it!"

- Alexandra Hoffman Beechko, Actor, Writer


"I met Theik through a modeling website and initially, was nervous to shoot with a stranger.  As a professional actress, I had done plenty of photoshoots before, but never with someone I hadn't met in person.  Within 5 minutes of walking into his studio I was immediately comfortable.  We bonded over Katy Perry, fellow actors we knew, and our common love of whiskey.  Theik is not only an absolute professional and easy to work with in person, but his pictures speak for themselves and he is always pushing himself to do more.  I can't wait to shoot more with him."

- Kara Addington, Actor


"I met Theik during FWNYC and immediately liked his style of shooting. We had an impromptu, fun group session at the after party and then I was thrilled when we arranged something in his studio. The studio is warm and inviting, definitely a welcoming place for artists and models to collaborate. I. LOVE. THOSE. SHOTS!! I would (and do!) recommend Theik Smith Photography to any and everyone I know. Looking so forward to the future collaborations we will do!"

- Jenilynn Rodriguez, Actor, Model


"Working with Theik was a wondrous exercise in science: take one part knowledge, dash in charisma for comfortability, and fold in experimentation -- which all results in a unique photoshoot which, for me, yielded all I'd wanted and more. It's a rare thing for me to say I had fun shooting, as an actor i do better in motion than still, but this is precisely the experience i was given. I was let to be me, and then captures in my element. 10/10 would bang."

- Jared Blake DiCroce, Actor


"I cannot emphasize how professional, fun and talented Theik Smith is. He was the first photographer I have ever worked with to have head shots done of myself; and patiently guided, explained and educated me on the process, terminology and other aspects of it. We took photos of myself for head shots, and did some fun shots of myself as a Mob Boss character I hope to play someday. In setting up the Mob Boss shots, Theik took time to explain gun safety (for the prop I was using) as well as experimenting with various lighting to add feel and menace to the character. Up showing all the photos to family and friends, they were stunned and delighted. And that is the reaction Theik wants from casting directors as his job - as he puts it - is to get WORK for the given actor via the head shots. I whole-heartedly recommend Theik Smith for all your photography needs. He is a great artist, professional and friend who will bring 110%+ to any given project. THANK YOU, THEIK!"

- Joseph Vitaliano Jr., Actor / Voice Actor


"Theik Smith is NOT a photographer. He's a wizard. You step into his studio and he instantly makes you feel at home in front of the camera, letting you be YOU. With Theik it's not about "perfection" it's about personality! His passion emboldens even the most camera shy subject to be their own unique self. My only complaint is it makes it extremely difficult to pick a favorite shot!"

- Madeline Lewis, Actor


"Theik is more than just an extremely technically skilled photographer, he's a perceptive person who knows exactly how to direct his subjects to extract the most flattering emotions and expressions. He is a joy to work with, from his humor and calming presence to the undeniable quality of his images."

- Laura Weyl, Actor, Model


"As much as I'd like to say I'm a supermodel, I'm actually a weird, awkward writer, so being in front of a camera is not a common occurrence for me. But I needed some headshots for my website and various promotional material, so in front of a camera was exactly where I found myself. Theik was awesome and taught me how to pose and look natural in front of the camera, and I did not make it easy for him! He worked with me for hours, taking shots indoors and out, and I was thrilled with the results. I still use his pictures to this day."

- Tim O'Leary, Writer


"I have shot with Theik on multiple occasions and in various environments. As a model, Theik makes me feel completely at ease. His relaxed approach and fun spirit allow me to be nothing but myself, which produces the most beautiful images I could ask for!"

- Audra Berry, Model (Coby Models)


"Theik is the kind of photographer who is able to communicate and execute all your ideas. Working with him has always been an awesome experience."
- Rachel Wagner, Actor, Model, Writer


"Theik is a fantastic craftsman who makes you feel comfortable and who has great intuition about when and how much to direct his subjects- an awesome combo for any kind of promo shot. I use the shots I got with him all the time, and have gotten quite a bit of work as a result. In addition to having made a fantastic investment in working with him, I was happy to make a friend as well. He is just that cool."

- Elisabeth Shoup, Opera Singer


"My experience shooting with Theik was nothing short of amazing! Within a short amount of time we were able to get the shots I needed, yet he was relentless in ensuring I would have the look I needed. I highly recommend his services to anyone who desires quality work and prompt delivery."

-Tyomi Morgan, Writer, Model, Sex Therapist glamerotica101.com


"Working with Theik Smith is like hanging out with a really awesome friend. He wants to hear about your day, he loves to laugh, in the end, he helps you de stress. Theik understands that being comfortable during a shoot allows you to be yourself, which is where you will get your best work. His love for capturing people in the moment really shines through his work and as an actor, that is exactly what I need. I have booked more acting gigs with his shots than any other photographer! With a clean and bright quality, Theik Smith Photography is worth every penny."

- Alissa Simmons, Actor


"I am a working model and performer and was lacking simple, crisp photographs of myself. I had head shots that were shot by someone else years ago but I felt like they looked really strained and I didn't look like myself. When I shot with Theik Smith it was a whole different situation. He didn't over pose me but gave me tips on how to pose for my headshots. My final result was this beautiful, natural luminous headshot that I love!! I've gotten so many gigs just because of it."

- Mia V. Preisser, Actor, Model and Performer


"Working with Theik Smith has been amazing, he's one of the most energetic, respectful and charismatic photographers I've ever worked with, his professionalism stands out as much as his personality. His work always exceeded my expectations and thanks to his work with my actors head shots, it's helped me land a lot more work and auditions. If you are in the NYC area and in need of something new that will get your best quality traits, I highly recommend Theik Smith."

- Ricky Barksdale, Jr, Actor


"Theik was super professional throughout the whole shoot, and made feel really comfortable the whole time. The results were amazing and I love showing off the photos!"

- Mary St.Angelo, Actor


"I love working with Theik because I have been able to clearly see his progression from the first time we shot till now. His use of lighting is creative and he is able to capture a person's personality so well! Always a gentlemen, easy going and fun!"

- Lux Suicide, Freelance Model, Suicide Girl


"As I was nearing the end of my final year at The Juilliard School of Drama, I knew I needed some engaging, high quality shots to start my career off well. But I was also nervous about taking photos. I'd never done it before and wasn't sure exactly how to behave in front of a camera. Theik's generous, positive attitude and specific, clear direction made me feel completely comfortable, and really allowed me to shine. His in-depth knowledge of a performer's needs, coupled with his sharp artistic eye, gave me some incredible shots that let me walk into audition rooms with confidence."

- Kailey Bray, Actor


"Theik is the man!! He had an awesome way on how he brought out the best in me...and it turned out to be an amazing headshot. His creativity, humor and charisma makes your time with him a lot of fun! It never feels like work. It feels effortless. If you need good Headshots go to Theik!"

- Vincent Ford, Actor


"In the studio, Theik brings out a side in me I didn't even know I had. He inspires me to release my inner personas, creating true magic for the camera."

- Josefina Piñeyro, Writer, Teacher


"I had done very little fitness modeling before shooting with Theik, but as my business is growing, it has become imperative. I'm usually uncomfortable with modeling, but I felt so comfortable the times that I shot with Theik and got some great photos!!"
- Megan Densmore, Actor, Kettlebell Competitor, Business Entrepreuner


"When I was looking for a photographer for my headshots I was quite skeptical. I wanted to hire a photographer that could capture me in utmost honesty; in other words, make me look like the best me. A friend of mine recommended Theik. She told me that he was an exceptional photographer, and to say the least she was right. I've done four photo sessions with Theik, and will continue to hire him. Theik has the ability to capture that exact image that's perfect for you."

- Todd Miller, Actor


"Ah, on gentleman Smith! I've had the pleasure of meeting him in the last year or two and it has always a wonderful experience! Between his sharp wit and boundless good humor, I often have to remind myself to quit with the laughter and pose! And the photography! His eye for beauty, professionalism and artistic aptitude has lead to the creation of flawless images many of which I've come to consider my best to date. He can offer direction as well as accommodate for spontaneous creativity. Without a doubt, a notable individual in the industry!"

- Rose Garden, Freelance Model


"Some of my best pictures have been taken by Theik. His creative energy on set is contagious, and it's impossible not to get excited when you're working with him. He knows how to showcase his clients strengths and coach them in areas that need improvement. I would recommend him highly to anyone starting out in the acting or modeling business."

- Kate Collins, Model, Photographer